Improve the workflow of your bussiness fleet

Improve the workflow in your business’ fleet with real-time data that saves your business time and money.

Fleet management software is far and wide nowadays. New fleet management startups are getting billions in funding, saturating the market with software that often falls short of expectations. Software related to fleet management often features GPS tracking technology and other features that make managing their employees easier. Modern fleet management software often fails to address critical concerns businesses want from fleet management software—to save money. Fleet management software of today is either too expensive or does not have crucial features that can increase your companies’ profit margins or help with workflow.

Increasing profits and cutting time

Companies’ choices for which software product they will use narrow down to whether it saves money and time. These figures are the number one aspect companies look for when searching for fleet management software. These qualities are what RclTrack hyper focuses on in our software. RclTrack is one of the few fleet management software companies breaking into the industry that focuses on the most crucial components that save companies money and time.

Fuel saving and vehicle control.

Fuel costs are the biggest expense a fleet must pay. One estimate states that nearly 50% of a fleet company’s budget is from petroleum consumption. Decreasing the expenditure on gas is crucial for companies’ bottom line as they often operate on razor-thin margins. RclTrack tackles fuel consumption by building connections with the provider of petroleum products along with reducing fuel consumption by reducing the use of private vehicles.  

Vehicle control is an overlooked tactic when seeking to save money. Stopping your employees from using vehicles for private purposes and limiting daily use can save companies a lot of money. Other aspects of vehicle control like speeding alarms, tracking vehicle use with GPS software and excessive mileage can cut gas usage by upwards of 25%. These features, and so much more, can be found in RclTrack’s massive fuel-saving software that cuts costs.

Driver discipline

Accident coverage and vehicle damage are the second largest expense of a company’s fleet. A sudden accident can destroy a company’s overall profits for a year or two. RclTrack’s GPS software and driver discipline software cuts the chance of an accident happening substantially by keeping close tabs on drivers. RclTrack monitors the driver’s use of a personal or private vehicle

while keeping track of each corresponding vehicle’s location. The burden of a company not knowing where their driver is can save the company money and lessen the chance of a driver

getting into an accident.

Documentation and following the law.

A company going digital with their documentation can save it time and money. Following state laws and doing specific documentation requires lawyers of each state, which costs a lot of money. RclTrack automates this process, doing most legal filings instantly and the software is pre-tuned with country-wide laws based on location. Companies can finish their travel and work orders through RclTrack’s software with both having the possibility to connect within RclTrack’s system.

Protecting Cargo:

Cargo is the most significant aspect of any fleet company. It is the bread and butter of most fleet companies as most export materials. While cargo theft is becoming increasingly rare nowadays, when it happens, it can be devastating. Cargo theft can lose valuable customers for companies, destroy a business’ reputation, and cause a long slew of expensive paperwork. Avoiding cargo-theft is a number one priority for many fleet companies, so tracking each package is crucial. RclTrack’s anti-cargo theft software comes with alarms that alert fleet managers if cargo-packages are moving through a GPS tracking device.

Cut time and save money:

For fleet companies throughout the western world, profit margins are small, and the growing demand for inexpensive fleet-management software has birthed startups throughout Silicon Valley. However, few have managed to focus on the essential needs of fleet management companies. Reliable tracking, GPS, and saving money are among the top priorities of these companies. RclTrack offers these services plus more.


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