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In just 3 easy steps, you are ready to start tracking. In the app, you can customize alerts, assign
drivers, and more. Our comprehensive GPS tracking solutions cover everything you need to
manage your vehicle(s) safely and efficiently.

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Download our app and setup your user account.

Plug the device into your vehicle and start tracking

GPS Tracking Solutions for the Real World

Track your fleet and personal vehicles through connected, discreet GPS monitoring solutions.

Everything You Need in a GPS Tracker

Our line of GPS tracking solutions offers every feature you need to properly track your fleet, shared vehicles, or personal cars.

Real-time Alerts

SMS, email, and push notifications alert you about speed, fuel consumption, potential theft,
and more. You’ll save money, feel secure, and stay up to date with all vehicle statuses to keep
you running smoothly.

Advanced Tracking

With our GPS tracking solutions, you can view the exact route your vehicle took, when it was taken, and the total distance driven. Our real-time advanced tracking keeps you on top of planned or unauthorized trips.

Driving scores

Monitor everything from reckless acceleration and heavy-footed braking to sharp cornering. Our GPS trackers rate each driver to ensure not only their own safety and lawfulness, but also the safety of your vehicle.

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